Friday, July 12, 2013

The Big Move

As many of you know, we have taken some time away from Australia to fulfil our dream of living in New Zealand.

So far so good, we have reached one month of being away from home and Hadley has had a wonderful time - he is positively thriving in fact.  He has connected well with 2 boys so far and being the social little man he is,  I have managed to keep that side of things rolling.  One of his new friends is not only on the Spectrum but is home-schooled, double score!  We will be joining the homeschool community group here soon and then attend excursions and connect with more families and children that way.

What I have found amazing is Hadley's resilience to change.  None of this would have been possible had we not started homeschool.  We basically have no routine whatsoever and he is not fazed by this at all. Some days we do school work, but if the weather is fine, we hop in the car and go off on an adventure.  We have no routines at home time either, things change daily, but he copes just fine.  There is no anxiety, there is no stress at all.

Of course Hadley reads as much as ever.  His book shelf is quickly filling fast!  He has many books on New Zealand so is quickly becoming an expert in that area too.  He knows the names of most birds now by sight and can tell you all about them.  He finds delight in finding old New Zealand books on animals, shells and birds, hunting through garage sales with his father.

This life suits him.  Lovely fresh air, wonderful views, and new friends.  He is smiling all the time and walks around the house singing often.

He did miss his cat terribly (Felix the comfort cat) but now we have Ruby.  She came home from the SPCA with us.  Ruby is so very tolerant, as Hadley loves to rub his face on her soft fur.

Life is good.............