Sunday, August 11, 2013

I love you just the way you are.......

I read a very sad update on a Facebook page today.  A Facebook page that is followed by over 2000 people, one that was set up by a mother of 3 children on the Spectrum.

The update was.............Miss 7 did fabulously at her mainstream birthday party yesterday! She looked and acted just like all the other girls........

I see so many parents only celebrate when their ASD child acts NT!  This has to stop!  Can you imagine what her daughter would feel, if she sat back and read that in a few years?  Her mother was happy because she ACTED LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.  Shouldn't you just be happy that your child coped with a noisy day, and had a lovely time.  Why is is better because she hid who she really was.

If parents don't start to celebrate the uniqueness and the loveliness of their child, just the way the way they are, what hope do we have in getting the rest of the work to accept our children?

Don't ever forget to say to you child, each and every day.......I love you just the way you are.


  1. I Love their uniqueness. I love the way they question things we dont think to, I Love their approach on life. Embrace difference is out families motto :-)

  2. Lovely blog post Shona. :) Makes you think for sure around what our aims are as parents/teachers etc for children on the spectrum. Perhaps the Mum that wrote that was simply just relieved that her daughter was actually at a mainstream birthday party and the way she expressed that didn't come across the way she meant it? Because for us birthdays are few and far between and so when I've seen my daughter in amongst it all - with all the other kids - I've felt the same. It's not that I want her to be someone she isn't - it's more than she can be who she is and can be with other children and may share some regular childlike party behaviours - and some irregular ones but she's there, being herself!! (which is the point you're making of course!). For me every birthday party that my daughter is invited to and attends is a milestone as they rarely are that rare.

    1. Should say "really are that rare"!

  3. As a mother of several kids who are on the spectrum ... you post resonates with me. Here's to more families celebrating thier kids uniqueness!